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Archbishop Welby recently described the church as ‘a hospital for sinners’. That’s a brilliant description as when someone said, ‘if you find the perfect church, don’t join it you'll spoil it!’ What do you think? 

First we have to remember that the church is not a building. The first Christians worshipped in people’s houses and then, when they were persecuted, they worshipped in secret.  It was not until the 4th century that churches began to be built. When the Bible talks about church it means ‘people’ – Christians – those who believe in Jesus Christ.

In the Bible the church is often described in metaphors – it is the Body of Christ, it is God’s family. So this key question is asking ‘What is the purpose of God’s family?

St Michael's Church Council began their first meeting of 2019 looking at what the Bible says is the purpose of His family. We looked at the greatest commandment (Love God with all your heart ...and your neighbour as yourself and then the Great Commission ‘Go into all the world and make disciples... ’) 

These are the priorities of the whole Christian Church and they must be our priorities as we seek to find out God’s will for his family here in Hoole.

At the PCC we summarised our aims as: 

  • Worship 
  • Holiness – becoming more like Jesus,  
  • Outreach – sharing the Good News of Jesus with friends and neighbours.

We unanimously recognised the need to draw in more young families and children. We all agreed that every 10.30 service should be attractive to newcomers; the children should be involved in the Service and the services should be straightforward and easy to follow. 

The PCC also enthusiastically supported our new Family Church on a Sunday afternoon at 4.00pm in the Village Hall. We are launching this on Sunday March 3rd with PANCAKE CHURCH. There will be pancake races, craft activities, songs and plenty of pancakes to eat.

The second Family Church will be on Mothering Sunday 31st March at 4.00pm in the Village Hall where the children will make posies for Mums and Grandmas.

The other new initiative links with the second of our purposes as a Church. We all need to continue to grow as Christians and deepen our commitment to Jesus. Lent is traditionally a time when people do this. I hope very much this Lent that many of you will want to come along to the five Alpha films we are showing three times a week beginning Monday March 11th.

These films, recently launched internationally, go through some of the core teaching of Jesus. Each involves a wide range of Christians talking about their faith and how it has changed their life. Each film lasts 30 minutes. They are very professionally produced and most people who see them whether they are new to faith or a mature Christian, find them inspirational.

The films, which will be followed by a brief discussion, will be shown on Monday and Tuesday evenings during Lent and once during the day. The sessions will take place mostly in the Rectory, 69 Liverpool Old Road, or at a different venue if we can’t get everyone in the Rectory. Details are on the poster on the homepage of the website.

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