Prayer Circle

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As Christians we know that one of the main things that Jesus taught us was the words of The Lord’s Prayer and very often in the Bible we are told that He went to a quiet place and prayed. 

Our hymns tell us to “Take it to the Lord in prayer” and that “the voice of prayer is never silent”.  There is no doubt of the need for prayer  for our own spiritual needs as well as the knowledge of the comfort and support that it gives to both the person praying and the people being prayed for.

To that end we have set up a Prayer Circle at St Michael’s.... ‘What’s one of those then?’ you may ask. 

It is simply a group of people who when called upon will pray at home separately and quietly for whatever you ask.  If you have a concern of any sort that you want us to pray for all you need to do is to ring any of the numbers and simply say what or who is in need of prayer, and whilst a minimum of explanation might be an advantage for us to focus the prayer,  you don’t even have to say who you are!

The person taking the call will pass it round the circle and you will know that we, on behalf of the church, are taking your worry to the Lord. If you would like your particular concern added into the intercessions on a Sunday morning then we can do that too.  

We are happy to welcome others into the circle, just let us know and you will be added on.  

Prayer is an essential part of our Christian life to keep us walking in the footsteps of our Saviour... so... the lines are open right now, we are waiting to take your call which is very important to us because it matters to you... just ring and your prayer will be increased seven-fold (at least).

Our circle consists of;

Ted - 01772 617002

Margaret - 01772 379219

Carole Bamber - 01772 610670 or mobile 07989 145963

Gill Slinger - 07729 121248

Barbara Wood - 07745 208617

Bill Carr - 01772 615321

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Page last updated: 16th February 2019 11:30 AM