St Michael and All Angels Church 


9.00am Holy Communion 

10.30am Parish Communion or 

Morning Worship with Sunday School


3.45pm Family Church monthly

The Rectors of St Michael's Hoole



Rector’s Name

Presented By

1641 Robert Fogg Not Known
1647 Samuel Jones Not Known
1654-58 William Brownsword, M.A. Not Known
1660 Robert Browne, B.A. Martha Porter of Lamberhurst Kent
1676 Samuel Barton Not Known
1686 Richard Foxcroft, B.A. King James II (By Lapse)
1701 Thomas Leigh, B.A. Sir Thomas Wheate Bt. (Patron)
1704 James Whitaker Elizabeth Hamby (Patron for that turn)
1732 Thomas Ellison, L.L.B. John Skerrett (Patron)
1763 John Lowe, B.A. Henry Hesketh (Patron for that turn)
1783 Roger Barton, B.A. Miles Barton (Patron)
1799 Thomas Shut, M.A. Miles Barton (Patron)
1803 Richard Rowe Miles Barton (Patron)
1805 Robert Harris Miles Barton (Patron)
1812 Miles Barton, B.D. Presented by Himself
1848 Robert Brickel, B.A. James Greaves Barton (Patron)
1881 Edmund Neal Dunne, B.A. Thomas Addison (Patron)
1920 Edmund Charles Dunne Mrs. Mary Dunne (Patron)
1940 Thomas George Watkins Mrs. Edith Dunne (Patron)
1969 Wilfrid Frank Spalding Mrs. Edith Dunne (Patron)
1985 Alan Ross Linton Mrs. Edith Dunne (Patron)
1993 Harry Pugh, B.D., M.A., A.K.C. Mrs. Daisy Downes (Patron)
2002 Steven Philip Hughes, B.A., M.B.E. Bishop Alan Chesters
March 2010 William Sloan Bishop John Goddard
Oct. 2011 Derek Baines, M.C.S.P,  P.G. Dip Sarah Lamb (Patron)
April 2018 Ann Templeman  
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