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Remembrance Sunday 14 November 2021
Join us for our service and Act of Remembrance. The photos are of the inside of the church today and the War Memorial after all the wreaths had been laid.

Parish Quiet Day 6 November 2021
If you missed our Quiet Day, or want to revisit the inspirational talks from Archdeacon Mark, who left us with so much to think about, you can hear them here: 1. "To know Christ" based on Philippians 3v7-14 2. "To make Christ known" based on Matthew 28v16-20 3. A summary of them both based on both passages

Harvest Festival 3 October 2021
Today we celebrate Harvest, and as we think about Noah, we remember all the good things god has given us.

Service of Holy Communion 5 September 2021
Today we think about God's gift of communication and a new start. We commissioned all those who work with the children and young people in our church and welcomed back Sunday School after their summer break.

Service for 29 August 2021
Today we think about the armour of God and how it helps us live every day in God's power. We welcome Revd Pat Belshaw to our service today

Morning Worship 25 July 2021
Today we think about the message in Hebrews to run the race before us, and Paul's teaching at the end of 1 Thessalonians to help us do this.

Service of Holy Communion 18 July 2021
Today we think about Jesus as a servant, and the prophecy in Isaiah 42 that points us to this

Morning Worship July 11
God's Comfort, Strength & Rest "Comfort, comfort my people...those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength...they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and will not faint." (Isaiah 40v1&31)

Service of Holy Communion 4 July 2021
Today we think about God's grace and that it is sufficient for all we need.

Service of Morning Worship 27 June 2021
BE MERCIFUL - DO NOT JUDGE - FORGIVE Today we think about Jesus' teachings about mercy and forgiveness in Luke 6